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Our Mission Statement

Founded in 2011, mymuybueno is a destination for luxury food and lifestyle, combining exceptionally high standards and a personal touch in all that we do. We stand by and never compromise our core values of Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love.

Our Founder

“Justine takes pride in being able to truly recognise and represent chefs based on their talent and merit…”

Our Founder, Justine Murphy worked as a private chef on Superyachts for six years cooking for some of the world’s most influential people. Prior to this, her background in London was in restaurant management. She combined her expertise and her huge love of food and people, into creating mymuybueno, with multiple divisions within the group. Her highly bespoke and successful chef agency mymuybueno Private Chefs is the largest private chef database in the world, she has since expanded into recruitment of both interior crew and captains, as well as mymuybueno Lifestyle our yacht brokerage for the sale and charter of super yachts. By utilising her skills, experience and expertise, she provides our clients with precisely what they are looking for, as to hand select the right candidate from our vast database, and furthermore to match crew with new vessel purchases and more.

Justine carefully matches private candidates worldwide, to royal families, dignitaries, high net worth families and individuals and also high profile celebrities. She works very closely with private and charter superyachts, households, private villas, luxury chalets and much more.

Justine dines often at Michelin star restaurants around the globe, and has a good friendship with many of the worlds best chefs, she is therefore exposed to a high standard of culinary expertise, which makes her knowledge both current and vast. This knowledge is an integral part of her selection process, having an eye for truly talented individuals. Working with chefs throughout the globe, she is always developing as a chef, she is always improving her own skills and techniques with new training. Justine takes pride in being able to truly recognise and represent chefs based on their talent and merit, as to represent their long term careers.

Justine is CEO of the mymuybueno Group, at the helm, managing the day to day running of the company and each division within, as well as being an author, podcast host and mother of two young boys. Justine often shares her experiences on her own Instagram . The mymuybueno Cookbook was published this year, you can order via  Amazon or all good bookshops. For a signed copy, you can order directly from us too.

Our Name

“It demonstrates that only by combining these factors, and them working in unison, can we truly deliver on our company promise…”

mymuybueno HQ

Our name comes from our love of the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, where mymuybueno all began. Alongside her wealth of experience within the field in which we operate, it was this incredible island that inspired Justine’s vision and dream.


The ‘my’ is the English contribution, Justine being British herself; and it defines the personal touch we offer. The ‘muy bueno’ is the translation in Spanish of ‘very good’; in relation to good food. Justine merged them together as to establish our registered trademark and our unique name of ‘mymuybueno® ’.


This combination represents what our brand is all about. It demonstrates that only by combining these factors, and them working in unison, can we truly deliver on our company promise and philosophy of excellent quality with a personal experience.

Interior Agency

“Our focus, is on the very individuals that work in closest proximity with our clients on a personal level.”


mymuybueno Interior is one of three recruitment divisions within the mymuybueno Group.  Sourcing specialist candidates, household staff and senior interior yacht crew from within our very connected network. From super yacht steward/ess, interior managers, pursers, personal trainers, hairdressers and spa therapists, through to private estate housekeepers and managers.

Chefs & Captains

“Our focus, is on the very individuals that work in the closest proximity with our clients on a personal level.”

We have two other recruitment divisions, mymuybueno Private Chefs for chefs of all levels for super yachts and private households, and mymuybueno Captains, for superyacht captain placement for vessels from 30m to 120m+.

Our focus, is on the very individuals that work in the closest proximity with our clients on a personal level. We take the utmost pride and care in our very thorough vetting procedures and documents validation. We are MCA accredited, MLC certified.



“If we do not carry a brand that you would like, we can absolutely acquire it for you.”

Our mymuybueno Luxuryware division that is at your disposal for your every need of service-ware, beautiful handmade china, ceramic and porcelain plates from around the world. If we do not carry a brand that you would like, we can absolutely acquire it for you.

We know that choosing the finishing touches for these unique interiors can be challenging, from initial yacht build, to restocking of existing items, and the introduction of new ranges, we can assist in any area required. mymuybueno Luxuryware can engrave logos or emblems onto your chosen products, from tableware to silver and glassware. We have a superb back of house range for the galley, ensuring chefs have access to everything they may require, and we also carry affordable ranges for crew crockery and pantry accessories too. We have a showroom, by appointment only in London, and we can also ship to you worldwide.

Simply register with us, to gain access to our online catalogue as to browse through our over 3000 products, add to your wish list and submit for a fast quote and one of our team will be in touch to look after you.

Lifestyle and Superyacht Sales

“Our brokerage specialising in luxury superyacht sales and charters.”

Our mymuybueno Lifestyle division provides a bespoke, highly personalised luxury concierge service and lifestyle management. Providing a proactive, personalised membership for our clientele, worldwide. No request too large, no detail too small. Our brokerage specialises in luxury superyacht sales and charters and provides our clientele the best selection of on and off market yachts across the globe.

mymuybueno Group

“Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love are the core values by which we operate.”

With other divisions within our group, such as our mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts – which is the evolution of our previous Cookery School, this will be launching in Spring 2023, you can find our more about mymuybueno here

We recognise that every client, chef, staff member and student is unique, and this understanding is at the heart of everything that we do. Not only do we strive to be the best, but we look at each and every person, product and service individually to ensure we are matching the best with their best.
We focus on giving all our clients, across all our divisions, the bespoke and personal service they deserve.

Upholding high standards and looking after the individual is very important to us at mymuybueno, and we pride ourselves on having an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love are the core values by which we operate. They are integral to the company, and stand behind everything that we do.


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Terms & Conditions

mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd (mymuybueno® Interior) Candidate Terms and Conditions


In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

is the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated Company as defined by the Companies Act 1985 (English Law) to which the Candidate is introduced and are prospective employers, their representatives and/or agents

Selection Service
is mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd (mymuybueno® Interior) herein mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd.

Registered Address:
Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD, United Kingdom

Registration Number: 09335958

is the vessel/property to which the Selection Service provides a Candidate for interviews and subsequent employment.

is the person/ candidate introduced by the Selection Service to the Client for interview and subsequent employment.

The following agreement is written for Candidate’s advice, guidance and potential employment protection. We ask the Candidate to take time to read the following information and take a look at our draft Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA), this is available on our website. It encompasses, as far as possible, the yacht’s obligations to you under MLC 2006. There is not a standard document for a SEA, however, the copy displayed here on our website is ideally what you should be looking to obtain in any SEA.

SEA’s are required to comply with current applicable national laws and regulations and should include any Collective Bargaining Agreement that may apply to them. Together they should not be less favourable than the minimum standards of MLC. MLC gives the Candidate the right of sufficient time to study the content before and after signing a SEA with the Client. Please ensure you also receive a copy of this.

Upon placement on a vessel through the means of recruitment via mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd a copy of your SEA will be requested to keep on file for future reference.

Below is some more advice. It is recommended that you satisfy yourself of these items at or subsequent to the interview/s with any potential employer. You should be sure that all sections of the SEA are completed and acceptable to you. Where a yacht does not need to comply with MLC or flies the flag of a country which is not ratified MLC, you should ensure you are happy with the conditions offered.

This list shows the flag states who are currently ratified MLC 2006:

MLC provides protection for such matters as the below, this is not an exhaustive list.

It requires Flag States to carry out regular inspections. It sets out responsibilities of yacht owners to the seafarers. It requires documentation to be provided for you, which makes clear the standards of working and living conditions on-board.

mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd will make sure, as far as practicable, that the Client is financially able to fulfil his obligations to you; you should also try to determine that you are similarly satisfied. You should also determine that you have adequate personal insurance cover provided for you by the Client during the period of your employment.

You will not be subject to exploitation by mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd and similarly should not be by the Client. Therefore: mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd will not charge candidates any direct or ‘hidden’ costs before, during or after the registration process through to selection.

mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd will assist next of kin or concerned family members with any advice and guidance they can. This will be at no cost. In so doing and, if necessary, they will first try to verify that the credibility of the relationship is genuine and for example will try to advise the Candidate of any concerns and pass over contact details of the family member to the engaged Candidate, (rather than vice versa, for the potential protection of the personal details of the candidate).

To this end, Candidates are requested here to maintain up-to-date records of their own personal contact details for use by mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd. It is illegal to engage a person less than 16 years of age on a yacht (or 18 years of age as a Chef). mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd will not therefore present such individuals to our Clients.

Should you have any complaint or grievance whilst employed on a yacht following selection by mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd, or are required to respond to any alleged complaint or grievance levelled against you which you choose to contest, you are guided to follow the complaints and grievances procedure outlined on-board. Should you have a complaint or grievance concerning the conduct of mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd during the selection process, it should be brought to our attention promptly and in writing.

It will be documented and as far as possible all efforts will be made to resolve the issue/s.

If this is finally unresolved we will bring it to the attention of the appropriate representative of the ‘flag state’.

mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd is not responsible for any damages resulting from the actions taken by us, or a competent authority, to resolve the complaint.

mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd provide details of our emergency telephone details inside the MLC Compliance area of our website.

Under the MLC Convention, mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd, are contracted to provide suitably qualified individuals to our Clients. In signing (‘ticking’) on the registration page, you are guaranteeing that you will provide us on request with your statutory documentation including any Certificates of Competency, Passport, STCW Certification, your Marine Medical (ie: ENG1) and any references from previous employment.

You also undertake that the information you provide to us is always authentic and an accurate representation of your experience, training, qualifications and marine medical status.

You also agree to keep us updated with any renewal or update of certification and marine medical compliance. If engaged you will also need to provide the yacht or their representatives with your full qualifications, certificates of training and medical document together with any other paperwork they may reasonably request.

You agree to mymuybueno® Recruitment Ltd to keeping your personal data until specified otherwise under the Data Protection Act 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Last Revision: November 2021

A copy of our Candidate Terms and Conditions is available on request.